How to Bet on Horse Racing

Our Race Books offer horse betting at most all major domestic thoroughbred and harness tracks. We may also offer occasional quarterhorse and greyhound wagering. Most races are simulcast. Racing enthusiasts are welcome to spend the day in our race book. The amenities provided include scratch sheets, free parking and complimentary cocktail service. Racing forms and programs are available at the ticket counter.


1. Tell the ticket writer the name of the track
(Santa Anita)
2. The number of the race (Race #2)
3. The type of bet (Exacta)
4. The number(s) of your horse(s) (#5 & #8)
5. The amount of your bet ($2)

NOTE: Nevada Gaming Regulations specify that no wager may be accepted or changed once the first horse enters the starting gate on televised races. For non-televised tracks, races are closed two minutes prior to actual post time. Please place your wagers early to avoid being shut out.


We offer a complete spectrum of Race Book wagering possibilities. We offer no-limit, Pari-Mutuel wagering and a variety of special house wagers. The most popular methods of wagering are listed below:

WIN – A wager that a selected horse will finish first. By far, the most popular form of race wagering.

PLACE – A wager that a selected horse will finish either first or second. A good “insurance” wager for those horses that always seem to get nipped at the wire.

SHOW – A wager that a selected horse will finish either first, second or third. A high-winning-frequency wager that will send you to the cashier’s window many times.

TRACK/HOUSE QUINELLAS – A wager on two horses in the same race in which both must finish first and second. Either horse can win or place, so you need not specify the exact order of finish. Quinella wagering is the easiest exotic to hit. Don’t overlook hooking up your second choice with your primary selection in a Quinella wager. Payoff on house Quinellas are not based upon the track mutuel, but rather, by a standard formula of the track win mutuel, times one-half the place mutuel of the place horse.

EXACTA – A wager on two horses in the same race to finish first and second, exactly in that order. Exacta wagering is generally offered on races designated by the track as exacta races. A true test for the serious handicapper. An extremely popular wager because of the chance of large Exacta payoffs.

DAILY DOUBLE – A wager involving two horses, each in a different race. Players must select the winner of both races. Daily Double races are specifically designated at the track. Typically, tracks offer Daily Double wagering on the first two races of the day, but oftentimes such wagering is also offered on two other specified races. Considered a granddaddy of exotic wagering.

SUPER HI-5 – Correctly select the horses who will be the first five to cross the finish line first. If you pick them in the exact right order, you win.

TRIFECTA – A wager on three horses in the same race to finish first, second and third, exactly in that order. Trifecta wagering is generally offered only on those races designated by the track. A long-shot special for the lucky handicapper. Superfecta (exact order of the first four finishers) is becoming a popular wager where available.

PICK 6 – This progressive, Pari-Mutuel wager requires the bettor to pick the winner in six consecutive races. For a small bet, players have a chance for a very big payoff. Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 7 and Pick 9 wagers are also popular at certain tracks.

TWIN QUINELLA – The “Twin Quinella” comprises two different races selected by management. Players must pick the winning Quinella (1st and 2nd finishers, in either order) in both designated races. The cost per four horse combination is $2. Multiple combination tickets will be accepted.

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