How to Bet on Hockey

Odds on Hockey include features of the Point Spread and the Money Line or straight Money Lines alone.

Bet Number |   Team   |  Line   |  Money Line
2401        |   Golden Knights    |   +1 1/2    |   +130
2402       |    Kings    |   -1 1/2    |    -150

In this example, the Kings are favored by 1 1/2 goals. The Kings must win the game by at least two goals to be a winner for betting purposes. If selecting the Golden Knights, you win your bet if (1) they win the game outright; (2) the game ends in a tie; or (3) the Kings win the game by exactly one goal.

The numbers to the far right are the Money Line. Please note that the Money Line in this example is not an alternative way of betting the game. Rather, it is used in combination with the spread. However, in Hockey, straight Money Line win wagers may also be available, without a point spread.

In the example above, the odds that the Kings will win the game by two or more goals is -150. As in Baseball, you must wager $15 for each $10 you hope to win (a $25 payback).

The odds on the Golden Knights are +130. So long as the Golden Knights do not lose the game by two goals or more, you would win your bet at odds of 13/10. A $10 bet would win $13 (a $23 payback).

2401   |   Golden Knights    |    6 -150 (over)
2402   |   Kings   |     6 +130 (under)


Wagers are normally available in Hockey. The rules are similar to that of Baseball. In this example, betting on over (6 goals) you would lay $15 to
win $10 (a $25 payback) conversely, betting on under (6 goals), a $10 bet wins $13 (a payback of $23).


In Hockey, you may parlay 2-8 teams.
Parlay winnings are a product of the odds on each
team you select. Hockey parlays are calculated the
same as Baseball parlays.

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